Exhausting of metallurgic process products from electric arc furnaces is a very difficult design and operational task. A single really reliable equipment is full jacketing of the whole furnace (it also solves the problem of noice emissions) but this can be applied for newly constructed furnaces only. Arc furnaces are exhausted by several methods. The firm of APF had a task to deduct the electric arc furnace (60 t) in the plant of ŠKODA, HUTĚ, in Plzeň Ltd. This furnace was exhausted up to now by the fourth hole and it was deducted together with another two furnaces (25 and 30 t) in the CEAG filtration plant. Secondary equipment of the firm APF exhausts from three points, and namely from the covering on the furnace cover, from the covering in the light well above the casting bed, and from the covering in the light well above the charging bed. Besides this also the existing exhausting by the so-called fourth hole of the furnace with the CEAG filter is in full operation. Pneumatic transport brings the dust collected in FVU filters in the pelletizing plant of this filter. Thus the furnace is exhausted by a rather complicatedly regulated systém. Deducting of the electric arc furnace (60 t) is extraordinarily successful and operationaly relatively cheap as the exhausted amount of air is minimal and the textilie lifetime can be expected very long (considerate operation, low filtration rate, recovery by backwashing).