APF Praha is pleased to offer a wide range of pleated, pocket type filter cartridges for fabric filters Model FVU, as well as for older Model FKA and FV. These cartridges are available using domestic and also imported filter materials. The choice of the best performing fabric ( structure, material, type of fibers, weight, surface treatment ) depends upon number of factors including properties of treated gas and particulates, concentration of particulates, required collection efficiency, life of filter fabric. AFP personnel is available to assist in a highly professional selection.

APF Praha offers filter cartridges equipped with non-woven fabrics made of superior quality synthetic fibers rated up to 150º C. Also available are filter fabrics made of treated glass fibers rated up to 280º C.

Negative influence of chemicals on filtration materials reduced by selecting proper synthetic
fiber material ( POP, PAN, PES, etc ) and also by applying special coatings to fibers and the fabric.

In many applications, the release of the dust cake from the fabric surface is enhanced by heat treatment of the fabric face. The adhesive forces between the fabric and the dust cake are greatly reduced by this process.

In some application the back side of the fabric is also heat treated to reduce the wear of the fabric, where it comes to contact with the wire support cage of the filter cartridge. This treatment results in longer filter life.

Our synthetic fabrics are also manufactured with a special baked-on deep texture on the fabric back surface. The texture pattern is such to reduce wear of the fabric where the fabric comes into contact with the wire support cage of the filter cartridge. This proprietary process was developed together with the Textile Research Institute in Brno in 1992. It extends the fabric life by as much 50 to 100%.