Dipl.Ing.Jiri Albrecht,Ph.D., of Research Institute of Air Engineering in Prague, announced completion of a new type industrial fabric filter at the International Air Filtration Conference - Filtech 1983 in London. When he described the filter performance with outlet dust concentrations in hundreds of milligrams, a light whisper spread through the room. Representatives of a leading dust control firm Wheelabrator of U.S.A. questioned privately Dr.Albrecht after his speech: Are you sure about the decimal point of the test results? Such a performance would beat existing filters hundred fold. Is it even possible? But Dr.Albrecht argued: Yes, we are sure about the results!

This new filter Model FKB did not have any competition for a long time and its design is still one of the best on the world market. It has proven its performance in many applications. It was a great success of Dr.Albrecht’s team. However its wide application had to wait for fall of communism in 1989, when Dr.Albrecht’s team started a new privately owned company APF in 1990. APF personnel include group of leading air pollution specialists with hundreds of years of combined professional experience.

Research Institute of Air Engineering had employed leading APF workers in Prague, for many years during 1968 to 1990. They have developed variety of industrial filters with application to control wide range of dust generating industrial processes. Many of these filters have been awarded distinction at international industrial expositions. This group of professionals had been also active in development of new filtration fabrics and materials in cooperation with textile specialists. Results of these activities have been extensively field tested in variety of industrial applications. This experience is reflected in continues development of new products at APF.

Dipl.Ing.Jiri Albrecht,Ph.D. (*1933)

Graduate of Czech Technical University in Prague, Mechanical Engineering major (1951-1955), Research Associate at the Research Institute of Air Engineering (1956-1990). Completed his Ph.D. at the Czech Technical University (1963-1968). Awarded recognition of the Best Inventor of FMHTS in 1975 and declared Distinctive Inventor of Czech Republic in 1977. Member of the Czech Republic Environmental Committee. Holder of 26 patents and 60 certificates of authorship.