Delivery of complete filtration stations consisting of individual pocket type filters, Series FVU, including its design and installation, startup of the equipment and initial air handling and filtration performance testing

Delivery of related dust control equipment, such as suction hoods, ductwork, dampers, duct gates, fans, sound mufflers, expansion joints, etc

Delivery of dust handling equipment, such as screw conveyors, dust elevators, rotary gates, pneumatic conveyors, dust bins, etc

Design and delivery of hot gas coolers

Design and fabrication of dust control equipment automatic controls

Assessment of dust generating processes with recommendation of the most economical dust control

Testing of efficiency, capacity and operation of your dust control equipment. Recommendation for improvements in its efficiency and reduction of operating expenses.

Recommendation of optimal size of filtration equipment with emphases on maximizing equipment reliability and reduction of initial, as well as operating cost.

Recommendation of best filtration materials for your existing or future application, including assistance in purchasing of best domestic or foreign materials

Manufacturing and installation of new patented multiple-pocket filtration elements for filters Series FV and FVU, including optional use of filter elements using fabric Gatex with patented surface treatment which extends the filter life by minimum of 50%

Research and development of custom industrial dust filters and fabrics for special applications

Servicing filters Series FV and FUV

AFP has authorization for compliance testing of particulate emissions as required by Czech Environmental Inspection