We design specific filtration equipment according to your needs

Every operation has its specifics, whether it is zinc plating plants, foundries, glassworks, or breweries. We handle them all. Specializing in particulate filtration equipment since 1968, our clients never leave us.

Types of Filtration Equipment

We will design the right filter for you based on the level of dust, source of pollution, and operating conditions.
Of course, we also consider meeting emission limits.

FVU with conical discharge

FVU with trough discharge

FVU 25-37.I without discharge with fan

FVU 25-37.l without discharge

Thoughtfully Engineered to the Last Screw

FVU.ZP or FVU.I Filter

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Regeneration Equipment

Pulse Jet Air regeneration equipment (mixing part, outlet part, and pressure air tank with nozzles)

Backflush regeneration equipment with outlet part

Filter Housing

Filtration Area up to 200m2


Filtration discharge can be either conical or trough-based as needed.

Filter Regeneration

Even machines require regular care. And regeneration is essential. In our equipment, cycles of filtration and regeneration alternate, removing separated layers of dust from the surface of the filtration textile. We aim to maintain the pressure loss of the filtration equipment and thus the flow rate of filtered air at the project’s specified operational value.


It operates on the principle of drawing atmospheric air from the surroundings. The filter cleans under negative pressure, where, after opening the ‘flushing’ and closing the ‘output’ flap, the filtration insert of the regenerated part of the filter (chamber) is reverse-flushed.


  • New maintenance-free regeneration panel
  • Lower intensity of reverse flushing
  • Longer lifespan of filtration textiles
  • Minimal operational and energy requirements


  • Only suitable for negative-pressure ventilation systems


  • Its efficiency is suitable for the vast majority (minimum 90%) of all industrial operations requiring dust removal by industrial filters (e.g., raw material mining and processing, production of construction materials, black and non-ferrous metallurgy, energy, agricultural and food processing operations, etc.).

Pulse Jet Air Pressure Regeneration (Pulse Jet)

It operates on the principle of an ejector (Venturi nozzle). The mixture of pressure and suction air achieves a dynamic impact on the filtration insert while simultaneously causing reverse airflow through the textile. This removes the separated dust from the surface of the textile.


  • High intensity of regeneration
  • Suitable for both negative-pressure and positive-pressure ventilation dust removal systems


  • Costs of consuming filtered and dehumidified air at pressures of 0.5 ÷ 0.7 MPa
  • Risk of freezing of the air pressure distribution at operating temperatures below 0°C
  • Higher stress on filtration textiles due to intensive regeneration
  • Regeneration in ‘off-line’ filter mode
  • Increase in the escape of unseparated dust particles from the filter
  • Higher acquisition cost and operating expenses


  • Operations with very fine and adhesive dust (aerosols)
    such as glass furnaces, burning and welding machines, hot-dip galvanizing plants
  • Positive-pressure ventilation dust removal systems
    such as filling of bulk material containers using pneumatic conveyance

How We Work

Everything has its time. First, we fine-tune the conditions of collaboration,
and then we work diligently to ensure the perfect outcome.


Visit to Your Facility

We assess the operation parameters, your requirements, and the technical possibilities of the facility.


Solution Proposal

We provide an offer and create a proposal, which we consult with you throughout the project.


Installation of Filtration System

We manufacture or repair the filtration equipment. We install it and train your personnel.

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